Help us create more Bitcoin documentaries!

Do you have a great story about Bitcoin?

We would like to create several short Bitcoin documentaries and we love the idea of crowdsourcing film-production! Is there a film-maker hidden in you and do you want to be part of this exiting project? Have Bitcoins made a difference in your life? Or do you know anyone who has benefited from Bitcoins?

If so, please start documenting your Bitcoin-experiences and send us a link to your movie-clip, or insert it in the comments below. If your story and movie clips are interesting, we would like to use them in future Bitcoin films. All your love, help and support is extremely valuable to us!

How to get involved

✓ Upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo and tweet the link with hashtag #BitcoinFilm

✓ Post the link in the comment section below

✓ Be part of creating adventurous films about Bitcoins!